November 17, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 6

Monday: Trip to the Suter Gallery (afternoon)
Tuesday: Sport
Wednesday: Inter-school Athletics
Thursday: Powhiri for new families and students (first block)
                    Performing Arts (afternoon)
Friday: Shared Prayer
              News Groups
              Ms Taylor (middle block)
Have an awesome week!

November 12, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 5

Thank you Kereru Kids for your fantastic behaviour, attitude and general awesomeness on camp.
I am very proud of you all!
Monday: News
                 Sport w/Bodie
Tuesday: Sport
                 Chinese Student Performance
Wednesday: School Athletics @ Saxton
Thursday: Performing Arts (middle block)
Friday: Shared Prayer
Have a great week!

Athletics Day: Wednesday!

Wednesday is our school athletics day. Remember to come to school in your PE gear. 
You may wear track pants as it can still be a bit cool in the morning. 
Here is a reminder of what else you will need:
-Sneakers (Must be worn on the track. No bare feet)
-School Hat
-Drink bottle (water)
-Lunch and snacks
-School Polar fleece or Jersey
-Wet weather gear (raincoat)
When: Wednesday 15 November 2017 (postponement day is Friday)
Where: Saxton Track
          Parents, families and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the day!

November 4, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 4

😎 It's finally here!
It's Camp Week!😎
Monday: Powhiri for the Chinese visitors
                Sport w/Bodie
Tuesday-Friday: CAMP! (Please remember to bring baking for supper)
Have an adventurous, fun filled week!

November 2, 2017

Clued Up Kids!

On Monday Kereru class went toCclued Up Kids Programme to learn basic safety in the house and outside. We learnt how to fit a lifejacket, how to identify hazards around our homes, how to approach a dog safely,  how to escape a burning home and where to meet our family as well as road biking skills. We also experienced an earthquake in the shaky house and learnt some first aid as well as learning how to call 111.
It was a good morning and we learnt lots of new skills.
We practiced some key competencies while we were there. 
Here are some of them- 
Participating and Contributing: Including others and myself
Thinking- We were able to ask questions about what we were learning
Relating to Others- We worked together as a group for some of the activities
By Kate, Rosa and Isla 

November 1, 2017

Stars and Wishes

Congratulations to Taylor who achieved a 'Highly Commended' in her recent American Jazz competition. Fantastic effort Taylor!
Austin celebrated his 11th birthday today. Have a fabulous day Austin!

October 28, 2017

Touch Rugby Tournament

The tournament is on this Friday (all day)
Here is a list of things you will need to remember:
  • Your PE Gear!
  • School hat (for when you are not playing a game)
  • Sunscreen (we will have some available)
  • Track pants (optional)
  • Water bottle (we will have a filling station in the area where you are playing)
  • $2 for the sausage sizzle, $1 juicies and baking from 50c-$2
  • You may only play in bare feet or sneakers
                                        Play hard but fair and have a fantastic day!

October 26, 2017

Keeping Up With Kereru: Week 3

Monday: Clued Up Kids Programme (remember to wear appropriate shoes-no sandals)
                 Touch Rugby Training w/Garin
Tuesday: Touch Rugby Training w/Garin
                 Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme (Police visit)
Wednesday: Teachers from Lower Moutere School visiting Kereru Class
Thursday: Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme (Police visit)
Friday: Touch Rugby Tournament!
             Have a fantastic week!