Homework: Week 4

Welcome to Your Homework Page.
All homework information will be posted here. I will go over it with you each Tuesday and then it is your responsibility to check back here to ensure you have completed all of the homework tasks.
You are expected to complete your homework to the best of your ability.
Work should be completed in your homework book and be back at school the following MONDAY.
Term 1 Week 4
With Cyclone Gita about to hit us it's a good time to think about what you would do in an emergency. Do you know where to go? Where is your family's meeting place? Do you have enough emergency supplies? 
Your challenge this week is to design a survival kit if you were stuck at home after a natural disaster and also work together as a family to plan what you will do in an emergency. 
Use the double sided sheet provided to complete your homework. 
Term 4 Week 7
On Thursday we are going to watch the movie 'Wonder'.  
I wonder what your favourite movie is?
Write a movie review (like a book review) and include the following;
  1. Start with a strong statement about the movie that makes people want to read your review
  2. What rating would you give it out of 5? Why?
  3. How did it make you feel? Did it make you happy, sad, scared?
  4. Did you care about the characters? Were they believable?
  5. Did the movie have special effects? Were they well done?
  6. Did you enjoy the movie? Why or why not?
  7. Finish your review with your conclusion about the film. Should the people reading your review go and see it?
Term 4 Week 6
Following on from our visit to the Suter yesterday, here are some photography ideas for you do for homework this week. 
I look forward to seeing all of your creative ideas!

Choose one or more of the following;
  1. Do you have a large quantity of one kind of object? Clothespins, crackers, pencils etc. Make them into an arrangement to photograph, focus on the pattern you are making.
  2. Choose a favourite object from home and do a series of staged photographs to create a short story around the object.
  3. Gather some plants. Use miniature animals or people to create a jungle scene. Emphasise nature as huge and menacing or large and beautiful.
  4. Photograph a variety of elements like soap suds, water droplets, smoke, steam etc.
  5. Pick a song and illustrate it using photography. Think about photographs that suit the lyrics.
Have fun!

Term 4 Week 5
No homework this week. We're all still too tired from camp!
Term 4 Week 4
Your homework this week is to bring an enthusiastic attitude and an enduring determination toward camp adventures and to have a fantastic time!
Term 4 Week 2
This week you will practice learning fractions. Click on this Fractions Link and Decimals Link to find some fun games at your own knowledge level.
In our class we look out for each other and often talk about what we can do to live as Jesus lived.
This week you will be someone’s guardian angel for the week! This might be doing good deeds for that person each day, helping them out in various ways or generally looking out for them.
In your homework book keep a diary about the experience and record what you have done each day.
Remember your 20 minutes of independent reading each night!
Term 3 Week 9
This is the last homework for Term 3
As you know there is an election this Saturday. That is when people over 18 go and vote for the political party they think will do the best job at running our country.
This week you will chose any two tasks from the Election Homework sheet.
You will be given a copy of the sheet tomorrow and will be learning more about the Election process in class this week.

Term 3 Week 8
It's Maori Language Week
This week you will learn to say a greeting/inquiring question (how are you?) a response and a farewell in Te Reo. Here is a link to help you Nga Mihi-Greetings 
You will say your greetings and response to a buddy next week so remember to practice your pronunciation (we will also be practicing in class)
Term 3 Week 7
In keeping with our 'Connecting with our Neighbours and Community' topic, here are some ideas for you to do for homework this week.
Try your best to connect with others by doing at least two of the following tasks;
  • Go with friends and/or family to free public events in your community and report back to your class
  • Have a device free night and play a board game with your family
  • Show off your baking or cooking talents and share with a neighbour
  • Design a poster encouraging young people to serve in their community
  • Interview someone who has a job that helps the community (e.g Police Officer, Fire Fighter etc) and report back to your class about what you discover
  • Create a drama to show how serving others creates community (you can practise this at school with a group of friends)
  • List five agencies/organisations that help people in your community. Include information on what each of these organisations do to help others
Term 3 Week 6
Speech Writing
 The interschool speech competition is coming up in the next few weeks and you will be writing and presenting speeches as part of your written language programme.
Each of you is expected to write and deliver a 3-5 minute speech to your class. One Year 6 student from both Kereru and Kotuku will be selected to shere their speech with the senior syndicate. Maureen will then select one year 6, 7 and 8 student to represent the school at the Waimea Lions Club Primary and Intermediate Schools Speech Contest on the Monday 11th September (Year 6)

For homework this week you will need to begin planning and writing your speech. We will be discussing this more in class. You will not have to deliver your speech to the class until next Tuesday 5th September.

*Choose your topic:
You must choose a topic from this year’s Speech Contest topics:
The topics this year for 2017:
1. Life in the Future
2. Animal World
3. A Special Time
4. Sport
5. If I was
6. Disasters

Good luck! 
Term 3 Week 5
It's Book Week so your homework this week is to have a go at one or more of the competitions taking place. 
Colouring competition. 
Take a photo of you reading a book in an unusual place.
Guess the marshmallows in the jar.  
All comps close Thursday afternoon.
Term 3 Week 3
On Thursday we are going tree planting. Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment.
Your homework task this week is to;
List five ways planting trees will help our environment.
Choose a NZ native tree, sketch it in your book and label the main parts of the tree.

Remember to present your work neatly
Term 3 Week 2
You have two homework tasks this week. Both are related to our Care for our Common Home theme.
  1. Take a picture of you being ‘environmentally friendly’ and add a caption of why it helps our planet. The more unique the picture, the better! Put the photo and caption on a Google doc
  2. In Google docs, write a prayer that thanks God for our world and the wonderful things on it. These will be printed, laminated and added to our prayer box.
There is no more homework for Term 2. 
Thank you to all of the students who consistently put in a great effort to have your homework completed and back at school on time :) 
Term 2 Week 8
This week we have a visitor from the Kiwi Conservation Club coming to talk with us so your homework task is from the KCC and will require you to go outside on a Treasure Hunt!
You have three lists of 'treasures' that you have to find over the next week.
Have fun!
Also, remember to keep practicing your hip hop and salsa dances as you will performing these again in week 10.
Term 2 Week 7
Your homework activities this week are related to our class novel 'Wonder' 
Task One: Research Treacher-Collins syndrome and write down 5 facts in your homework book (use full sentences)
Task Two: Create a Word Cloud about Auggie using words from the story. You may want to leave this until later in the week after we have read more of the story.
Here are a couple of sites: ABCYA or Tagul  Wordle (You may use other sites if you prefer)
Make sure you save your finished Word Cloud and print it or email it to me to print. 
Remember to practice your Hop Hop and Salsa steps! 💃
Term 2 Week 6
This week your task is to make a bird feeder! It's winter and the birds are struggling to find enough to eat so how about helping them out? The birds will love it!
Check your instruction sheet and remember to take a photo of your bird feeder and post it on Seesaw.
Term 2 Week 5
Next Monday is a holiday to celebrate the Queen's birthday. This year Queen Elizabeth will be 90!
Your task is to complete a timeline of the important events in the life of Queen Elizabeth.
Ms Hampson will give you your task sheet and all other details on Tuesday.
*Remember to also read a book of your choice for at least 20 minutes each night*
Term 2 Week 4
This term you will be working on tasks related to our Inquiry topic about NZ native birds and forest.
This week you will be researching one of NZ's native birds and our classroom bird; The Kereru!
Ms Hampson will give you more details on Tuesday.
Here are a couple of links to help you Kereru Discovery   Project Kereru
Term 2 Week 3
After our visit on Friday, this week your task is to find more information about the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. 
Here is a link to help you Click Here
Make sure you explore the website. Don't gather all your information from the 'Home' page. 

  1. You need to look and read the information carefully and write down 8 FASCINATING FACTS. Remember to use FULL sentences.
  2. Use your facts and persuasive language to design a poster encouraging people to visit the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. (We will discuss this further on Monday)

No homework for the last week of term!
Happy Holidays!!
Term 1 Week 10
This will either be words from your Essential Word List, STEPS words or a Word Study task.
You are expected to learn your words before testing.
Remember to WRITE the word don't just say it out loud.
Problem Solving tasks
If you have any questions please let me know.
You are expected to do independent reading for at least 20 minutes each night.
Term 1 Week 5
This week you will be completing the following activities:
 This will either be words from your Essential Word List or a Word Study task.
If you have Essential List Words, set out a table like the example below and complete using only one word from your list that you are not too familiar with (we will talk about this on Monday)
Maths this week is Place Value practice.
Complete the sheet in your book.
You are expected to do independent reading for at least 20 minutes each night.
***Remember: If you have any questions, please ask! 
Keep your work tidy. Homework should be neat and you should be checking punctuation and spelling just as you do in other written work in the classroom***


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